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Who We Are

Whether at work or play, your mind does not distinguish between stimuli. Why live engaged during one and not the other? A better plan is to bring your best self to both. Your mind needs both to truly thrive! At Elevate Life, we smooth the passage with fresh insights where it counts most – every moment of your life. In your heart, mind, and spirit.

The Elevate Life! approach is rooted in a deep understanding of human nature. We see life as a story filled with characters who have the internal ability to identify problems and the capacity to overcome them. Inside each of us is a storyteller waiting to be discovered. We tap into your creative force so that you can find your own powerful story.

There is one common thread between work and play, office and home, career and personal development, professional and personal relationships, stress and self-care, and it’s YOU. The same strengths, values, beliefs, desires, cravings, dreams, ambitions, and goals come with you.

We dive into the core elements of who you are to craft a vision of the life you want to live. We draw upon your internal strengths that can be obscured by the distractions of daily living so you can carve out your path to those dreams. We offer several ways to bring out the best in you or your business through individual or group coaching, online courses, and immersive workshops.

We are a group of highly accomplished professional storytellers who understand how to find your internal storyteller. We find passion in the collaboration.

  • Certified Health and Wellness Coaches (NBC-HWC), we’re also Executive and Personal Coaches who understand that work and play matter. An organization can’t realize its potential unless the people shine too.
  • We’re relationship experts in business and of the heart. We’re accomplished Mentors excited to mine your potential.
  • Creativity experts, (yes there are awards like a Pulitzer, and more than a few others) we’re storytellers who have collaborated with organizations like Apple Education, Twentieth Century Fox, NOAA, and NASA.  The narrative that you tell is the story that you live! We uncover the epic tale waiting to be told inside of your organization, community, and you.

What We Do

It’s time to free your spirit and release your creativity. We offer many platforms to realize your best life.

We will meet you in the cyber world:

  • Training on your terms: Your mind holds stories that are interesting, meaningful, and fulfilling. The brain is a continual story maker and we use that to your advantage. Our learning modules satisfy your curiosity and advance your goals. We’re educators who understand how your brain learns, and stimulate that process.
  • Online Classes: Get fast access to premiere professionals who inspire you with change stories, people who have answers to your burning questions. Sit back and enjoy the interactions, or get in there and ask questions.
  • Online coaching groups: There’s something pretty special that happens when you gather with like-minded individuals ready to reach for those stretch goals. Take advantage of the energy that forms when your peers and colleagues are on the same path with you. Don’t forget the Mentor who will be a guide through the process and just maybe, some guest Mentors too!
  • Individualized coaching:  Walking side-by-side with someone who is there just for you is pretty special. Maybe your coach is someone who has been there before or you choose someone who is an expert in the process that gets you to your goal. Some of our clients assemble a team of coaches to get to their destination. The point is, we work with you to customize your chosen path.

We’ll greet you in person:

  • Workshops: Sometimes, you just need to see the world in a new light to really get down to the essence of who you are and where you want to go. Strip away the outside layering to remind yourself that there is something greater than a deadline looming, and you find the well of energy and creativity. Immerse yourself in a stunning world that moves the soul. You’ll re-enter your ordinary world with fresh eyes.
  • VIP pass:  There is nothing like the home turf. We can bring in a team or just the intimacy of one. We even have a Certified Wellness Chef who will step into the kitchen with you to tackle your desire for good health that will delight your tastebuds!
  • Storytellers: Information alone will never sway people; however, telling a powerful story that captures the heart as well as the mind does.  We have filmmakers, photographers, writers, and illustrators on hand to help you say exactly what you want.

Life is meant to be lived fully, passionately, and enthusiastically. We help you find personal investment at work and play.

  • Discover an inspiring change process for your organization, community, and for your personal evolution.
  • Find high-performance through personal investment.
  • Unearth your internal strengths and apply them to your goals.
  • Uncover the secrets to creativity that will surprise and delight you.
  • Retrieve the essence of who you are and live a highly engaged life.