Elevate Life! is driven to making success available to you on any platform you desire.  Our contributors have designed online classes to educate and monitor your progress as you begin to further understand tools, techniques and strategies in a variety of topics ranging from brand identity to self identity and creative expression. We look forward to sharing our expertise with you as you continue to cultivate business, wellness and creativity in your life.

The following classes will be available in September 2018

  • The Hero’s Journey for Nonprofits
    Mobilize your key qualities and focus them on your personal-organizational goals. Taking advantage of your mind’s tendency to make a story out of meaningful information, we’ll use a Story-Onboarding Process to guide you through a powerful change story. Get ready to find your path to the future you envision. Travel a fresh path to unearth those elusive qualities of creativity, inspiration, and motivation inside of you waiting to be mined.
  • Road Warriors Self-Care
    Travel opens up innovative thinking until the body is ravaged by energy overload, poor nutrition, confused sleep cycles, and disrupted exercise. The best asset of an organization are engaged people who can tap into their creativity. Sometimes you can’t even hear yourself think much less make sense of your travels. Inside of you is everything you need to correct these outcomes. The Road Warrior Self-Care delivers the tools you need to optimize your performance when you are on the road.
  • Walking Your Way into A Better Life
    The most simplistic way to elevate every aspect of your life is to take a walk. With a pair of shoes and a nice path you will reduce stress, prime your thinking, improve your mood, change your body, boost your health and so much more. You will learn innovative ways to make walking an interesting and powerful tool to power up your creative force.