Book: The Hero’s Journey for Nonprofits

The Hero’s Journey for Nonprofits seeks to evolve your ho-hum story into poetry, awakening the pulse of who you really are as an organization, team, or individual. Travel a fresh path to unearth those elusive qualities of creativity, inspiration, and motivation inside of you waiting to be mined. To guide you to the change that you envision, The Hero’s Journey for Nonprofits stirs your internal passion and leads you on a journey of self-awareness and fulfillment of your goals. As you travel the journey, you will compose your own Epic Story, which will guide you to be more communicative, more thoughtful, and more productive.  You will learn about self-care and self-regulation, as well as getting the most from others.  The Hero’s Journey for Nonprofits is replete with everything a good story is: characters, conflicts, and closure.  It is also an interactive text, allowing you to participate along the way with both reflective and active exercises to engage in as your journey unfolds. Dr. Julie combines the ability to clearly communicate the essence of the issues that individuals and organizations face with a warm and friendly style, bringing topics to life and inspiring dialogue.

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